I want to go all around the world on a luxury cruise ship

Keeping up with the Jones’

One of the things I would like to do if I were rich is to go on a cruise all over the world. To me, this is the ultimate in lazy travel. Once a traveler sets foot in one of those luxury cruise ships, everything is already taken cared of and there are no more worries.


How to get clothes, accessories, and shoes for free

Quite recently I have made an excellent discovery that has given me a lot of satisfaction. Did you know that there is an easy way to get clothes, accessories, and shoes for free? No joke and there’s no catch.

It’s simple, I found out about online consignment stores! I don’t know how on earth I could have missed this.

Consignment stores are shops where you can drop off your items for them to sell for you. Of course, the shop owner will charge a commission when the item sells. This is a good way to get money back from items in your closet that you no longer use.

The way that I got free items is pretty sweet. You see, when you sign up for an online consignment store, they give you a signup bonus credit which you can then use to get free stuff. Yay!

How to get free clothes, accessories, and shoes:

– create an account at Thredup ($20 signup bonus) and Schoola ($10 credit)
– you will automatically get a credit for signing up
– use the credit to get free stuff

Caution: shipping might not be free but it’s very reasonable. My last item was a handbag and shipping was only $6 and in Schoola there is a free shipping option.

Disclosure: when you click on the links I gave, I will also get credit if you use the websites to shop. It’s a win-win situation, both of us get free credit. You can also earn additional credit by referring other people.

So what kinds of stuff can you get?

Ettiene Aigner bag

Ettiene Aigner bag

Here is an example. This is an Ettiene Aigner bag in excellent condition. It’s second hand so there is a huge discount. Just make sure that you read the item description and look at the picture closely.

huge savings

Huge savings!

As you can see you can get large discounts. This Aigner bag’s original price is $297 but you can buy it for $108.99. That is a 63% discount.

Schoola donation

Schoola also donates a certain amount to schools when you purchase an item

Another benefit that you get is that when you buy or use your credit for something, Schoola and Thredup will donate to a school. This is something that I really like about using these websites.

I know some people feel that it’s “icky” or cheap to buy from consignment stores but I wish that more people would be more open to the idea of buying second hand. This is not just cheap (or, in this case, free) but also socially responsible. Re-using, recycling, and upcycling reduces waste, energy consumption, and pollution (from the manufacturing process).

Those people who have a problem with using something second hand can pick items that are new, normally with the tags still attached.

To get the best items, take a look at the shops right after Christmas. Lots of people sell off their unwanted Christmas gifts so you can score a really good brand new item.